Xu Lab Post-Doc Awarded Fellowship to Study Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Dr. Wei Xu (left) and new Komen Fellow Dr. Eui-Jun Kim (right).

Dr. Wei Xu (left) and new Komen Fellow Dr. Eui-Jun Kim (right).

Eui-Jun Kim, a post-doctoral fellow training in the laboratory of Wei Xu (Messerschmidt Professor of Oncology), was awarded a $185,000 research fellowship from the Susan G. Komen Foundation to study triple-negative breast cancer, a devastating subtype of breast cancer for which the only current treatment option is chemotherapy.

Triple-negative refers to a breast cancer wherein the tumor cells lack expression of three key cancer markers: HER2, the estrogen receptor, and the progesterone receptor. Eui-Jun’s project will study how triple-negative breast cancer cells metastasize (spread) to other tissues in the body.

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