Department of Oncology Offering New Bioinformatics Course

This spring, the University of Wisconsin is offering a new course for graduate students within the Cancer Biology Training Program and other biology graduate programs to effectively apply bioinformatics approaches to their research.

The course, “Bioinformatics for Biologists”, is being team-taught by Eric Johannsen, M.D. and Mitchell Hayes. Dr. Johannsen is a faculty member at McArdle, a professor of medicine and oncology, and works within the UW Health Infectious Disease Clinic and as a member of the UW Carbone Cancer Center’s virology program. Mitchell Hayes is a Senior Research Specialist who has worked in the lab of Dr. Bill Sugden for several years.

Although other bioinformatics and information technology classes exist on campus, this new course aims to provide graduate students in the biological sciences with a more applied curriculum and more hands-on experience to maximally benefit their current and future research. Rapid advancements in the field of bioinformatics are continually unlocking new possibilities for breakthroughs and discoveries in the biological sciences. “Bioinformatics for Biologists” hopes to teach its students how to effectively utilize existing technology and challenge them to seek out areas in their research where novel technologies could be applied.

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