McArdle Graduate Student Wins Ruth Dicke Scholarship

Maggie Stangis

The McArdle laboratory for Cancer Research is pleased to announce that Cancer Biology graduate student Mary (Maggie) Stangis (Halberg Laboratory) was awarded the 2022-23 Ruth Dicke Scholarship. This award recognizes women who are performing hypothesis driven research in STEM and Social Science fields.

Research Summary: ​​My research is focused on increasing our understanding of how cancer cells and surrounding normal cells interact with one another, contributing to pro-tumorigenic mechanisms including drug resistance. I am particularly interested in how senescent cells, specifically senescent fibroblasts, may support the progression of colorectal cancer by stimulating changes in the tissue microenvironment.

Project title: Modulating Senescent Fibroblasts in the Colon as a Preventative Option for Colorectal Cancer – A Pilot Study