Seminar list for this week: April 25-29

Monday, April 25

3:00 PM          Biochemistry Colloquium:  Mechanisms of RNA localization transcend cell morphology; Speaker:  Matthew Taliaferro, University of Colorado.

Join in person:  1211, HFD Biochemical Sciences Bldg. 

Join virtually here: 


3:30 PM          McArdle Trainee Seminar:  Speaker:  Tanaya Purohit.

Join in person:  6571 WIMR 

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Passcode:  697057 


Tuesday, April 26

12:00 PM        Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Center Seminar:  TBA; Speaker:  Hugo Lee (Engin lab).

Join in person:  DeLuca Forum, Discovery Center, WID 

Join virtually here: 

Passcode 936743 


Wednesday, April 27

8:00 AM         Oncology Grand Rounds:  None this week


10:30 AM       Cancer Biology Seminar:  High-throughput functional genomics for studying fundamental biology and improving human health; Speaker:  Gaelen Hess, PhD, Asst Prof, Biomolecular Chemistry, UW-Madison.

Join in person:  1335 HSLC 

Join via Zoom: 


12:00 PM        Comparative Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program Student Seminar (PBS 930):  RNA-regulatory exosome complex is required for erythroid progenitor function and survival in vivo; Speaker:  Isabela Fraga de Andrade (Bresnick lab, Cell & Regenerative Biology).

Join in person:  2255 SVM. 

Join via Zoom:  

(Passcode: 124861) 


3:30 PM          Genetics Colloquium:  Effects of diet on nutrient sensing and metabolism in the mammalian intestine; Speaker:  Maria Mihaylova, Ohio State.

Join in person:  1111 Gen/Biotech 

Join via Zoom: 


4:00 PM          Statistics Seminar:  Data depths meet Hamilton-Jacobi equations; Speaker:  Ryan Murray.

Join in person:  1163 Mechanical Engineering Bldg. 


Thursday, April 28

9:00 AM         Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Seminar:  Charting your own career path; Speaker:  Utibe Bickham-Wright, PhD, PMP, AAAS Scientist & Technology Policy Fellow, NSF.

Join via Zoom: 


12:10 PM        Molecular Virology Seminar:  The interplay between viral and fungal coinfections; Speaker:  Anna Frerichs, IPiB, Hull lab.

Join in person:  1211 Biochemical Sciences Building. 


Friday, April 29

8:00 AM         The UWCCC Trainee Society Work-In-Progress Seminar Series:  PI3K in Cancer.  MTORC1/2 and HDAC1/2 inhibition for the treatment of PIK3CA mutant colorectal cancer; Speaker:  Rebecca DeStefanis, B.A., Graduate Research Assistant.  From biomarkers to biology:  comprehensive liquid biopsy for PI3K pathway signaling in advanced breast cancer; Speaker:  Dr. Marina Sharifi, MD, PhD, Medical Oncology Fellow.

Join via Zoom: 


12:00 PM        Biostatistics and Medical Informatics Seminar:  TBA; Speaker:  Yanyuan Ma, Penn State

Join in person:  Biotechnology Center Auditorium