Family Crafters Create Amazing Goods to Support Cancer Research

A sampling of the goods created by the Family Crafters

In Brillion, WI, an amazing family works throughout the year to create craft goods to sell at farmers’ markets, craft shows, and grocery stores. Together, they are the Family Crafters, using their time and talents to raise money for cancer research in a unique and creative way.  The Family Crafters create a wide variety of items, ranging from hand towels and potholders to coasters and jewelry, and have generously chosen to donate all profits to McArdle. Some popular items such as their grocery bag holders and catch-all bags are staples, but their selection of offerings is constantly rotating as they continually incorporate new types of goods into their arsenal.

The Family Crafters was formed after several members of the family behind the group were diagnosed with cancer. Collectively, they decided that they wanted to do something to make an impact. For the past decade, the members have been creating goods to raise money for national cancer organizations. As their efforts grew, however, they decided they wanted to support cancer research more directly. The Family Crafters chose to begin donating to McArdle two years ago to make sure the money raised through their hard work and dedication reached the cause they cared about and stayed within Wisconsin.

The members of the Family Crafters have found that their local communities are extremely supportive of their efforts. In addition to appreciating the wonderful crafts they make, many of the people they encounter while selling their goods share stories about their own experiences with cancer, encouraging the group to continue their amazing work.

“When we’re selling the products and people as so appreciative of what we are doing, it makes it all worthwhile,” said a member of the Family Crafters. “We hear their stories, and they’re just grateful that we are out there doing what we do, and that we’re doing it all non-profit to benefit cancer research.”