Paul Ahlquist named Steenbock Professor of Microbiological Sciences

Dr. Paul G. Ahlquist, a virologist and faculty member in McArdle for the past 26 years, has received the prestigious Steenbock Professorship in Microbiological Sciences. This professorship, endowed by Evelyn Steenbock, wife of the noted UW Biochemist, Professor Harry Steenbock, provides support to Dr. Ahlquist’s laboratory for a period of ten years.

Dr. Lambert, Director of McArdle, described Dr. Ahlquist as “one of our campus’ crown jewels. His dedication to his science, his students and the institution are reflected in everything he does. He is a most deserving recipient of this professorship.”

Dr. Ahlquist brings international acclaim to the campus as a National Academy of Sciences member and a Howard Hughes Institute of Investigation investigator. His lab has made seminal discoveries on how viruses replicate within cells, creating replication factories hidden away in cellular membranes, thus evading the cells’ innate immune defenses.

Director Lambert also remarked, “Dr. Ahlquist is a critical part of the tumor virus research effort here in McArdle and the success of the Carbone Cancer Center.” In addition to his ties to McArdle as Professor of Oncology, Dr. Ahlquist is a long time member in the Institute of Molecular Virology, Professor of Plant Pathology, and most recently became one of the four lead scientists in the Morgridge Institute for Research.

Congratulations Dr. Ahlquist.

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