Verona Area High School’s “Night of Hope” continues to generate outstanding support for cancer research at the McArdle Laboratory

2018 Night of Hope annual fundraiser event

Pictured: 2018 Night of Hope Annual Fundraiser

Verona Area High School began the Night of Hope fundraiser fourteen years ago in honor of a beloved teacher who passed away from breast cancer in 2006. The very first Night of Hope raised money for Ms. Anne Boehm and successfully supported her and her family to take a vacation and pay medical expenses.

Since then, many other school staff and members of the greater Verona community have been affected by cancer, and the Night of Hope has continued to raise funds to advance cancer research. Cancer research breakthroughs can lessen the burden of this terrible disease. This generous group of staff organizes several events each year to raise money for cancer research including Culver’s nights, selling specialty logo FIGHT shirts, and hosting the annual Night of Hope fundraiser. Since its creation, the Night of Hope has raised over $50,000 for the McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research.

This January marks the 15th Annual Night of Hope fundraiser. On January 17th, 2020 from 4:00pm to 8:00, the annual fundraiser will be held at Boulder Brewpub (formerly Gray’s Tied House).  Come and enjoy a meal and beverages, with Boulder Brewpub donating 10% of the night’s proceeds to the Night of Hope. The event includes music, a silent auction, and raffles. Anyone interested in supporting cancer research is encouraged to attend!

McArdle faculty, staff, and students especially look forward to the annual fundraiser festivities and will be attending once again this year. Get your FIGHT shirt at the McArdle Laboratory or at the event and join the fun! Get your FIGHT shirt at the McArdle Laboratory or at the event and join the fun! You can reach out to Patty Swan ( for more information on buying a shirt.

“I want to personally thank the many members of the Verona Area High School staff who make this event a great success every year and in doing so honor their own family members, friends, and colleagues who have battled cancer,” said Dr. Paul Lambert, McArdle Laboratory director

Dr. Lambert added that the Night of Hope annual event contributes greatly to the mission of McArdle. The McArdle Laboratory is working to “eliminate cancer through our research breakthroughs supported by our many dedicated friends who sustain and inspire our mission.”

The Night of Hope annual event is a wonderful opportunity to support the fight against cancer. Come support our cause on January 17th, 2020!

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