THANK YOU – Freedom High School Student Council Members

The McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research would like to say THANK YOU to the Freedom High School Student Council Members and others who raised $2,800 for research at the McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research.  Each year, the Freedom High School student council hosts a formal dance to acknowledge various clubs throughout the school.  Court members fundraise and seek out donations for about a week before the dance (and the court members who raise the greatest amount reign as King and Queen!).  All proceeds are then sent to the McArdle Laboratory.

Freedom Schools chose McArdle Laboratory as the recipient of this fundraiser because they appreciate that all donations that McArdle receives go directly to cancer research.  We would like to thank everyone involved in this event for your support.  This contribution provides critical support to our efforts to identify the causes of cancer and to develop more effective approaches for preventing and treating cancer.  The research we perform in the McArdle Laboratory would not be possible without the generous support of you and many others.