Seminar list for this week: November 28-December 2

Monday, November 28, 2022 

10:00 AM       Morgridge Metabolism Colloquium:  “Organ-on-a-chip solutions for diabetes research;” Speaker:  Dr. Andreas Stahl, Professor of Nutritional Sciences & Toxicology, UC-Berkely.

Join in person:  H.F. DeLuca Forum, Discovery Building. 

3:00 PM          Inaugural Jim and Katie Krause Metabolism Seminar, Dept of Biomolecular Chemistry:  “Epigenetic underpinnings of complex disease heterogeneity;” Speaker:  Dr. Andrew Pospisilik, Professor of Epigenetics, Van Andel Institute.

Join in person:  1211 Biochemical Sciences Building. 

3:30 PM          McArdle Trainee Seminar:  “Role of myeloid derived growth factor in melanoma invasion;” Speaker:  Gayathri Ramakrishnan (Huttenlocher lab).  “Gamma delta T cells:  a key element of immune suppression in pancreas adenocarcinomas;” Speaker:  Jonathan Ebben, MD, PhD.

Join in person:  6571 WIMR 


Tuesday, November 29, 2022

 12:00 PM        Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Seminar:  “Title:  TBA;” Speaker:  Dr. Andre Sousa, PhD, Professor of Neuroscience, UW-Madison.

Join in person:  DeLuca Forum, WID 

Join via Zoom: 


Wednesday, November 30, 2022

8:00 AM         Oncology Grand Rounds:  N/A

11:00 AM       Cancer Biology Seminar:  “Novel technologies to functionally catalogue our genome – nucleotide by nucleotide;” Speaker:  Lars Steinmetz, PhD, Professor of Genetics, Department Chair, Co-Director, Stanford Genome Technology Center, Stanford University.

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12:00 PM        Comparative Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program Student Seminar (Path-Bio 930):  “Developing immunomodulatory iron oxide microparticles for cancer therapy;” Speaker:  Hannah Martin (Murphy Lab, COE-Biomedical Engineering).

Join in person:  2255 SVM 

Join via Zoom: 

 1:00 PM          Cell & Regenerative Biology Seminar:  “What is the basis for the location of specific aortopathies?” Speaker:  Alan Daugherty, PhD, Professor – Physiology and Medicine, Chair – Department of Physiology, University of Kentucky.

Join in person:  1345 HSLC 

3:00 PM          RNA Collaborative Seminar:  “Exploring the ‘RNA World’ with non-natural nucleic acid;” Speaker:  Lijun Zhou, PhD (as of Jan 2023) Assistant Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics, UPenn, Philadelphia, PA.  “Long-read strategies to study the human transcriptome;” Speaker:  Robert Wang, Graduate Student, Xing Lab, Genomics and Computational Biology Program, Perelman School of Medicine at UPenn, Philadelphia, PA.

Hosted by: Penn Institute for RNA Innovation, UPenn

Moderator: Michael Owens, Graduate Student, Liu Lab, Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics Program, Perelman School of Medicine at UPenn, Philadelphia, PA.

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 3:30 PM          Genetics Colloquium:  “When a calorie is not just a calorie:  the regulation of health and longevity by what and when we eat;” Speaker:  Dudley Lamming, Associate Professor, UW-Madison.

Join in person:  Gen/Biotech 1111 

Join via Zoom: 

 4:00 PM          Statistics Seminar:  “Title:  TBA;” Speaker:  Alicia Carriquiry.

Join in person:  133 Service Memorial Institute 


Thursday, December 1, 2022

 8:00 AM         Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Grand Rounds:  “Title:  TBA;” Speaker:  Rita German, MD, Assistant Professor, Dept of Medicine, UW-Madison.

Join in person:  1325 HSLC 

Join via Zoom: 

 12:10 PM        Molecular Virology Seminar:  “TBA;” Speaker:  Guy Kunzmann (Coon lab).

Join in person:  1211 Biochemical Sciences. 

12:30 PM        Evolution Seminar:  “Exploring functional landscapes of the human gut microbiome;” Speaker:  Ophelia Venturelli, Assistant Professor, Dept of Biochemistry, UW-Madison.

Join in person:  Genetics/Biotech Auditorium (Room 1111) 

Join via Zoom: 

1:30 PM          Genomics Seminar:  “Having fun with single cell biology:  beyond clusters and umaps;” Speaker:  Dana Pe’er, PhD, Professor and Chair, Computational and Systems Biology Program, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Join via Zoom: 

 3:30 PM          Biology Colloquium:  “Two vignettes on chance and necessity in microbial polycultures:  franken-lichens and black band disease;” Speaker:  Erik Hom, University of Mississippi.

Join in person:  B302 Birge Hall 


Friday, December 2, 2022

 12:00 PM        MMI Seminar:  “Klebsiella pneumoniae – Slaying it Quietly in the Gut;” Speaker:  Ammar Zafar, Assistant Professor, Wake Forest University.

Join in person:  1420 MSB