Seminar list for this week: October 3-7

Monday, October 3, 2022

3:00 PM          Biochemistry Colloquium:  “Structural determinants of microRNA biogenesis;” Speaker:  Sarah Keane, Univ of Michigan.

Join in person:  1211 Biochemical Sciences Bldg.

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3:30 PM          McArdle Trainee Seminar:  “Expanding the horizon of cancer vaccine adjuvant:  from TLRs to PRR agonists;” Speaker:  Donghwan (Heron) Jeon (Advisor:  Douglas McNeel).  “Single-cell analysis identifies human fallopian tube macrophage-to-monocyte ratio alterations in high-grade serous ovarian cancers;” Speaker:  Joshua Brand (Advisor:  Huy Dinh).

Join in person:  6571 WIMR


Tuesday, October 4, 2022

12:00 PM        Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Seminar:  “Axon guidance mechanisms in human health and disease;” Speaker:  Dr. Timothy Gomez, PhD, Professor, Neuroscience.

Join in person:  DeLuca Forum, WID.

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5:30 PM          RNA MaxiGroup:  “What quality control during assembly and function has to do with ribosome surveillance and specialized ribosomes;” Speaker:  Katrin Karbstein, University of Florida Scripps.

Join in person:  2131 DeLuca Biochemistry Bldg


Wednesday, October 5, 2022

8:00 AM         Oncology Grand Rounds:  ASCO updates – Part 3:  “ASCO Breast Cancer Updates 2022;” Speaker:  Kari Wisinski, MD; “ASCO 2022:  melanoma insights and clinical updates;” Speakers:  Mark Albertini, MD and Vincent Ma, MD.   UWSMPH, Dept. of Medicine, Hematology-Oncology.

Join in person:  1306 HSLC

Join via Zoom:


9:00 AM         RNA Collaborative Seminar:  Hosted by: NUS-CSI Singapore RNA Biology Center

“Weird nuclear noncoding RNAs regulating DNA methylation, mRNA transcription, and DNA replication;” Speaker:  Daniel G. Tenen, MD, Programme Leader and Senior Principal Investigator, Cancer Science Institute of Singapore; Distinguished Professor in Medicine, NUS.

“Mapping RNA structures in single cells;” Speaker:  Yue Wan, PhD, Group Leader, Laboratory of RNA Genomics and Structure; Associate Director, Epigenetic and Epitranscriptomic Systems, Genome Institute of Singapore

Moderator: Polly Leilei Chen, PhD, Principal Investigator, Cancer Science Institute of Singapore; Associate Professor, Department of Anatomy, NUS

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11:00 AM       Cancer Biology Seminar:  “Choosing an optimal therapy for mutant ER+ metastatic breast cancers:  SERMs vs SERDs vs CERANs;” Speaker:  Geoffrey Greene, MD, PhD, Cancer Research, Univ of Chicago.

Join in person:  1335 HSLC

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12:00 PM        Neuroscience Seminar:  “Munc13 and synaptic transmission:  new insights into an old protein;” Speaker:  Jeremy Dittman, PhD, Cornell University.

Join in person:  1306 HSLC

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3:30 PM          Genetics Colloquium:  “Regulation of nutrient homeostasis by a calcium signaling network;” Speaker:  Sheng Luan, Chancellor’s Professor, University of California-Berkeley.

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4:00 PM          Statistics Seminar:  “Incorporating fairness criteria in computer vision and neuroimaging;” Speaker:  Vikas Singh, Professor in Biostatistics w/appts in Computer Sciences and Statistics, UW-Madison.

Join in person:  133 SMI (Service Memorial Institute, 470 N. Charter St.)


Thursday, October 6, 2022

8:00 AM         Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Grand Rounds:  “What’s new in pulmonary pathology:  updates from a recent WHO and The Pulmonary Pathology Society Biennial Meeting;” Speaker:  Jefree Schulte, MD, Assistant Professor, Dept. of P&LM, UW-Madison.

Join in person:  1325 HLSC

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12:10 PM        Molecular Virology Seminar:  “The expanded role of processivity factors in facilitating replication of Kaposi’s sarcoma associated herpesvirus (KSHV) and cytomegalovirus (CMV);” Speaker:  Prof. Cyprian Rossetto, Univ of Nevada-Reno.

Join in person:  1211 Biochemical Sciences.


12:30 PM        Evolution Seminar:  “Big data, small crawlers:  evolutionary trends in the arachnid tree of life;” Speaker:  Siddharth Kulkarni, Postdoc, UW-Madison Integrative Biology.

Join in person:  Genetics/Biotech Auditorium (Room 1111)

Join via Zoom:


Friday, October 7, 2022

12:00 PM        Biostatistics and Medical Informatics Seminar:  “TBA;” Speaker:  Moo Chung, BMI, UW-Madison.

Join in person:  Genetics/Biotech Auditorium

Join via Zoom:


12:00 PM        Waisman Seminar:  “Working together to improve suicide prevention practices for people on the autism spectrum;” Speaker:  Brenna Maddox, PhD, UNC-Chapel Hill.

Join in person:  John D. Wiley Conference Center, Waisman.


3:00 PM          McArdle Fall Poster Session:  Come meet your McArdle colleagues, share your latest research, and enjoy appetizers and drinks in a casual setting.

Join in person:  HSLC Atrium