Seminar list for this week: February 21-25, 2022

Monday, February 21

3:00 PM         Biochemistry Colloquium:  Building patterning-dependent chromatin states during embryogenesis; Speaker:  Shelby Blythe, Northwestern University.

Attend in person:  Room 1211, HFD Biochemical Sciences Building. 

Streamed here: 

3:30 PM         McArdle Trainee Seminar:  Defining the pentamer’s mechanism of silencing the major immediate-early promoter in human cytomegalovirus latent infections; Speaker:  Mike Ohman (Advisor:  Rob Kalejta).  GATA2-dependent innate immune machinery function in hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells; Speaker:  Vu Le-Huy Tran (Advisor:  Emery Bresnick).

Join via Zoom: (PASSCODE:  374167) 

Tuesday, February 22

12:00 PM      Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Center Seminar:  Connecting the dots on cell identity; Speaker:  Dr. Coral Wille, PhD, Postdoc, Epigenetics (Sridharan lab).

Join in person:  DeLuca Forum, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery 

Join via Zoom:  (PASSCODE:  936743) 

Wednesday, February 23

8:00 AM         Oncology Grand Rounds:  none this week

10:30 AM      Cancer Biology Seminar:  TBA; Speaker:  Muhammed Murtaza, MBBS, PhD, Associate Professor of Surgical Oncology, UW-Madison.

Join via Zoom:  (Passcode:  631057) 

12:00 PM      Biostats Seminar:  How statisticians can get involved with multi-center clinical trials – Q&A after the talk; Speaker:  Dave DeMets, PhD, Max Halperin Emeritus Professor of Biostatistics.

Join via Zoom: 

**Instructions to participants:  Prior to attending the talk participants should view the following two videos (from the James Neaton, PhD/Dave DeMets, PhD series):1. DMC Structure and Function (Length 1 hr. 34 min) DMC Statistical Tools (Length: 1 hr. 17 min.)

3:30 PM         Genetics Seminar:  TBA; Speaker:  Amanda Moehring, Western Uniersity.

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Thursday, February 24

9:00 AM         Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Seminar:  How does an Epstein-Barr Virus infected B cell become a tumor cell?; Speaker:  Rebecca Hutcheson, CMP Grad Student (Sugden lab).

Join in person:  1345 HSLC 

11:00 AM      Cancer Moonshot Seminar:  Improving implementation of genetic testing for Lynch Syndrome; Speaker:  Alanna Rahm, PhD, Geisinger Health System.

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12:10 PM      Molecular Virology Seminar:  What can a fluorescent Epstein-Barr virus teach us about host shutoff?; Speaker:  Alejandro Casco, UW-Madison (Johannsen lab).

Join in person:  1211 Biochemical Sciences Building. 

3:30 PM         John D. Ferry Lectureship in Macromolecular Science:  Physical basis of RNA function:  from past to present; Speaker:  Professor Jody Puglisi, Stanford University.

Join in person:  Orchard Room in the WID

Friday, February 25

11:00 AM      John D. Ferry Lectureship in Macromolecular Science:  The exquisite choreography of translation initiation; Speaker:  Professor Jody Puglisi, Stanford University.

Join in person:  Orchard Room in the WID