Seminars this week: Oct 25-29, 2021

Monday, October 25

3:30 PM      McArdle Trainee Seminar:  “MTORC1/2 and HDAC1/2 inhibition for the treatment of PIK3CA mutant colorectal cancer;” Speaker:  Rebecca DeStefanis (Advisor:  Dustin Deming).  “Single cell transcriptional landscape of the human fallopian tube and its implications for early ovarian cancer development;” Speaker:  Joshua Brand (Advisor:  Huy Dinh).

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Tuesday, October 26

12:00 PM    Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Seminar:  “Uncovering mechanisms of human GVHD development using primary human samples and humanized mice;” Speaker:  Dr. Nicholas Hess, PhD, Postdoc Research Associate, Capitini Fellow, Dept of Pediatrics, UW Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Center Trainee.

Attend in person:  DeLuca Forum, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery 

Join via Zoom (if asked for a passcode:  936743) 

Wednesday, October 27

8:00 AM      Oncology Grand Rounds:  No Session due to Division Meeting.

12:00 PM    Comparative Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program Student Seminar (PBS 930):    “The relationship between bladder and neuropathic pain:  alterations in sensory neurons after injury;”  Speaker:  Emily Tran (Crawford lab, Pathobiological Sciences).

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12:00 PM    Neuroscience Seminar:  “Dissecting neural circuits for adult hippocampal neurogenesis;” Speaker:  Juan Song, PhD, UNC-Chapel Hill.

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1:00 PM      Cell and Regenerative Biology Seminar:  “Gene expression in development and leukemia;” Speaker:  Sid Rao, MD, PhD, Associate Professor in Pediatrics, Hematology/Oncology/Transplantation & Cell Biology, and Neurobiology & Anatomy; Medical College of Wisconsin; Investigator, Versiti Blood Research Institute.

Attend in person:  1309 HSLC 

3:30 PM      Genetics Colloquium:   “Title: TBD”; Speaker:  Elise Robinson, Epidemiology, Broad Institute.

Attend in person:  1111 Gen/Biotech 

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4:00 PM      Statistics Seminar:  “It’s not what we said, it’s not what they heard, it’s what they say they heard;” Speaker:  Barry Nussbaum.

Attend in person:  1310 Sterling Hall 

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Thursday, October 28

9:00 AM      Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Seminar:  “Development of a nonhuman primate pharmacodynamic vaccine model for assessing imuno-oncology agents;” Speaker:  John Loffredo, PhD, Scientific Director, Prostate Oncology Translational Research, Janssen Pharmaceuticals.

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11:00 AM    Cancer Moonshot Seminar:  “Integrative single-cell atlas of host and microenvironment in colorectal neoplastic transformation;”; Speaker:  Martha Shrubsole, PhD, Vanderbilt University.

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12:10 PM    Molecular Virology Seminar:  “Hijacking the host:  viral mechanisms to control gene expression and anti-viral;” Speaker:  Prof. Marta Gaglia, Tufts University.

Attend in person:  Room 1211 – Biochemical Sciences Building, 440 Henry Mall. 

Friday, October 29

12:00 PM    MMI Seminar:  “Metabolic reprogramming of macrophages during wound healing;” Speaker:  Veronika Miskolci (Huttenlocher lab).

Attend in person:  1520 MSB 

12:00 PM    BMI Seminar:  “Pattern detection for precision cancer immunotherapy from spatial profiling and single-cell data;” Speaker:  Elana Fertig, PhD, Associate Professor, Dept of Oncology, Biomedical Engineering and Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Johns Hopkins University.

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