Seminars this week: September 27 – Oct 1, 2021

Monday, September 27

3:00 PM      Biochemistry Colloquium:  Tuning the Immune Response to Senescent Cells; Speaker:  Anil Bhushan, PhD, UCSF.

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3:30 PM      McArdle Trainee Seminar:  B Cells Licensed by DCs Serve as Primary Antigen-presenting Cells for DNA Vaccines; Speaker:  Ichwaku Rastogi (Advisor:  Douglas McNeel).  Rethinking Personalized Management Strategies for Glioblastoma in the Era of Genomic Sequencing; Speaker:  Patrick Grogan, MD (Advisor:  Dustin Deming).

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Tuesday, September 28

12:00 PM    Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Seminar:  Pioneering the Developmental Frontier; Speaker:  Dr. Melissa Harrison, PhD, Associate Professor, Dept of Biomolecular Chemistry, UWSMPH.

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Attend in person:  DeLuca Forum, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery 

3:30 PM      Pathobiological Sciences Seminar:  Salmonella Under the Microscope; Speaker:  Leigh Knodler, PhD, Associate Professor, Washington State University.

Room 2350 School of Veterinary Medicine 

Wednesday, September 29

8:00 AM      Oncology Grand Rounds:  No session.

10:30 AM    Cancer Biology Seminar:  Subclonal Heterogeneity to Defining Gastrointestinal Cancer Therapeutic Sensitivity; Speaker:  Jeremy Kratz, MD, Assistant Professor, Hematology/Oncology, UWSMPH.

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12:00 PM    Neuroscience Fall Seminar Series:  Functional Divergence at the Mouse Retinal Bipolar Cell Terminal; Speaker:  Greg Schwartz, PhD, Northwestern University.

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3:30 PM      Genetics Colloquium:  Exploring Adipocyte Physiology Using Chemoproteomics Methods; Speaker:  Andrea Galmozzi, Dept of Medicine, UW-Madison.

Room 1111 Gen/Biotech 

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4:00 PM      Statistics Seminar:  Geospatial Modeling of COVID-19 Spread Using Human Mobility Big Data; Speaker:  Song Gao. 

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Thursday, September 30

12:10 PM    Molecular Virology Seminar:  Using the Immunotherapeutic Agent N-803 to Boost T Cells in SIV+ Macaques; Speaker:  Dr. Amy Ellis (Shelby O’Connor Lab).

Room 1211 – Biochemical Sciences Building, 440 Henry Mall.

3:30 PM      Biology Colloquium:  Analyses of Genome Architecture and Comparative Development Break Century-Old Impasses in the Biology of ‘Arachnida’; Speaker:  Prashant Sharma, UW-Madison.

B302 Birge Hall 

Friday, October 1