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Waclaw Szybalski, D.Sc.

Waclaw Szybalski
Professor Emeritus of Oncology
Emeritus Program Member - UW Carbone Cancer Center

Ch.Eng., 1944, Chemistry, Institute of Technology, Lwów, Poland
M.Ch.Eng., 1945, Chemical Engineering, Institute of Technology, Gliwice, Poland
D.Sc., 1949, Microbial Biochemistry, Institute of Technology, Gdansk, Poland

6th Fl (618A) McArdle Lab Bldg
Office - (608) 238-3015, (608) 262-1259; Lab - (608) 262-2047
Research Description: 

The objectives of our research on various aspects of genomics, including gene cloning, architecture and expression have been:
 (1) developing new methods for (i) ordering and in situ amplification of 30- to 100-kb fragments of large eukaryotic genomes, without conventional cloning, and (ii) ordered and automated sequencing of such large fragments by employing our SPEL-6 technique, based on primer assembly by hexamer ligation and primer walking;
(2) developing improved derivatives of pBAC vectors allowing conditional in vivo excision and amplification of 3- to 10-kb (cDNA) or 30- to 200 kb (genomic DNA) inserts in E. coli hosts [for more details, please see this abstract];
(3) the design and construction of novel regulatory circuits;
(4) the cloning of viral genes with dominant-lethal mutations as the basis for developing a new kind of immunity control against viral infection of plants and other organisms; and
(5) modifying and increasing specificity of restriction enzymes.

Selected Recent Publications: 

Szybalski, W.  The 50th Anniversary of Gene Therapy:  Beginnings and Present Realities.  Gene, 525(2): 151-154, 2013. 

Lobocka, M., and Szybalski, W. T.  Bacteriophages, Part A. Preface.  Adv. Virus Res., 82:  xiii-xv, 2012.

Lobocka, M., and Szybalski, W. T.  Phages.  Preface.  Adv. Virus Res., 83:  xvii-xviii, 2012.

Malecki, M., and Szybalski, W.  Isolation of Single, Intact Chromosomes from Single, Selected Ovarian Cancer Cells for in Situ Hybridization and Sequencing.  Gene, 493: 132-139, 2012.

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