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The McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research was founded by Dr. Harold P. Rusch in 1940 and was the first basic science cancer center in an academic institution in the United States. The McArdle Laboratory is also designated as the Department of Oncology within the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health. The faculty of the McArdle Laboratory are... Read More

The McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research was established in 1940 as one of the first basic cancer research facilities in the world. The foundation for the development of the Laboratory and the University of Wisconsin's program in experimental cancer research was made possible by the generous donations of private citizens.

In the 1930s, a bequest in the will of Jennie... Read More

Former McArdle graduate student Rey Carabeo has set up a McArdle Lab Alumni group (for all current and former McArdlites) on Facebook.  Join now (must have an individual Facebook account to join).

The University of Wisconsin-Madison, established in 1848, is a world-class university, nationally and internationally recognized for academic excellence, incredible students, inspiring faculty, and a vibrant and diverse campus community. The faculty, recognized as leaders in their fields, serve on study sections and editorial boards and have been the recipients of the most prestigious national... Read More

This directory lists the phone numbers and email addresses of McArdle faculty and staff.

Unless otherwise indicated, all McArdle phone numbers are in the 608 area code.

Administrative/Business Personnel Listing

If you can't find someone here, try the... Read More

More than 200 people work within the McArdle Laboratory, including 30 faculty, and approximately 90 graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, 60 Academic Staff, 15 Classified Staff, and many undergraduates. These individuals include administrative staff (listed below), scientists, researchers, research specialists, and laboratory managers.  Approximately fifty of the academic staff work in... Read More

You can contact us using the following address, telephone and/or fax numbers:

McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research
Department of Oncology
University of Wisconsin-Madison
School of Medicine and Public Health
Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research
Tower II, 6th and 7th Floors
1111 Highland Avenue
Madison, WI 53705-2275

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