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Cancer Biology Training Grant (Predoctoral) T32-CA009135

The goal of this Training Grant, Training in Cancer Biology, is to limit cancer maximally as a disease by educating the next generation of cancer researchers to be as committed and competent as humanly possible. We shall build on our past success by evolving this program to lead training in cancer research optimally into the future. We are particularly proud of this grant because it has allowed us to innovate in our training by developing cutting-edge courses, addressing newly recognized needs of our trainees for their career development, training a more diverse group of students, and all along doing more productive cancer research.

Trainee Edward L. Evans III (Sherer Lab)  Trainee Laura Funk (Weaver Lab)   Trainee Rebecca Hutcheson (Sugden Lab)   Trainee Shelby Lyon (Kalejta Lab)  Trainee Kathleen Makielski (Lambert Lab)  Trainnee Christina Mark (Miyamoto Lab)   Trainee Joshua A. Martin (Alexander Lab)  Trainee James Masters-Romero (Kenney Lab)  Trainee Dalton McLean (Ricke Lab)   Trainee Christina Scribano (Weaver Lab)   Trainee Jordan Vellky (Ricke Lab)





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