Oncology 675

675 - Advanced or Special Topics in Cancer Research

Semester I, II; 1 to 3 credits. Various "minicourses" on a variety of topics have been offered under this title. Specific information is provided each semester.

The following courses are regular 675 offerings:

Readings in Cancer Biology, Semester II; 2 credits. A review and discussion of the current literature on topics related to cancer biology. The emphasis is on the development of skills in data analysis and interpretation, proposal writing, and oral presentation. Open to first-year graduate students only. Instructors: varies.

Protein Purification, Semester I in odd-numbered years; 2 credits. A course on the theory and practice of protein purification. Topics covered include conventional and recent protein fractionation techniques; enzyme assays, handling, and characterization; purification strategy; and overproduction of cloned gene products. The emphasis is on micro and laboratory scale purifications. Prerequisites: Biochemistry and physical chemistry or consent of instructor. Instructor: Richard R. Burgess.

Appropriate Conduct and Effective Communication of Science, Semester II; 1 credit. A review and discussion of the fundamentals of good scientific communication and ethical issues in science. Instructor: Janet Mertz.

Student Seminars, Semesters I and II; 1 credit. Presentations of original research in areas related to viral oncology and cancer biology. To aid students in presentation of data. Prerequisites: Consent of instructor. Instructor: varies.

Current Techniques in Protein and Genetic Engineering, Semester III; 2 credits. This is an intensive, ten-day laboratory course focusing on protein and genetic engineering with an integrative format combining lectures, hands-on laboratory exercises, and interactive problem-solving sessions. Prerequisites: Consent of instructor. Instructors: Richard R. Burgess and others.