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Bob Liu, Ph.D.

Scientist II at Cellerant Therapeutics
1561 Industrial Road
San Carlos, CA 94070

After receiving my Ph.D. with Caroline Alexander from McArdle in 2005, I went to UCSF for postdoctoral training in Dr. Thea Tlysty's laboratory studying methylation in human breast cancers, and transitioned to Genentech for another postdoctoral training with Dr. Paul Polakis studying Wnt signaling targeted therapeutics and antibody drug conjugates. I spent two years in Stemcentrx, developing antibody drug conjugate therapeutics, which resulted in two drugs licensed by Pfizer for treating triple negative breast cancers. I am currently at Cellerant Therapeutics with the goal of developing antibody-based therapeutics for hematological cancers. I am part of the team that is taking various antibody-based approaches including antibody drug conjugates, functional blocking antibodies, and immuno-directed therapeutics.

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