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Michael N. Gould, Ph.D.

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M. Gould photo2Kelly H. Clifton Professor of Oncology

B.S., 1969, Zoology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
M.S., 1973, Radiological Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison
, 1977, Radiological Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Postdoctoral research: Argonne National Laboratory

Office: 506B McArdle Laboratory
Office - (608) 263-6615; Lab - (608) 263-6026
Email: gould@oncology.wisc.edu

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Research Interests: Molecular biology of mammary carcinogenesis

Research Description: The focus of Dr. Michael Gould's laboratory is in breast cancer research, including both basic and translational projects.  Their major project is in breast cancer genetics. Initially, animal models are being used to look for genetic elements that prevent breast cancer. The human homologs of these elements are then tested as genetic candidates in large breast cancer case-control studies. Candidates showing significant association can serve as risk markers and may also provide a better understanding of the role of modifier genes in breast cancer risk and also provide targets for anti-cancer drug development.

Selected recent publications

Leng, N., Dawson, J. A., Thomson, J. A., Ruotti, V., Rissman, A. I., Smits, B. M. G., Haag, J. D., Gould, M. N., Stewart, R. M., and Kendziorski, C.  EBSeq:  An Empirical Bayes Hierarchical Model for Inference in RNA-Seq Experiments.  Bioinformatics, 29(8): 1035-1043, 2013.

Smits, B. M. G., Haag, J. D., Rissman, A. I., Sharma, D., Tran, A., Schoenborn, A. A., Baird, R. C., Peiffer, D. S., Leinweber, D. Q., Muelbl, M. J., Meilahn, A. L., Eichelberg, M. R., Leng, N., Kendziorski, C., John, M. C., Powers, P. A., Alexander, C. M., and Gould M. N.  The Gene Desert Mammary Carcinoma Susceptibility Locus Mcs1a Regulates Nr2f1 Modifying Mammary Epithelial Cell Differentiation and Proliferation.  PLoS Genet., 9(6):e1003549, 2013.

Drinkwater, N. R., and Gould, M. N.  The Long Path from QTL to Gene. PLoS Genet., 8(9):e1002975, 2012. 

Pirone, J. R., D’Arcy, M., Stewart, D. A., Hines, W. C., Johnson, M., Gould, M. N., Yaswen, P., Jerry, D. J., Schneider, S. S., and Troester, M. A.  Age-Associated Gene Expression in Normal Breast Tissue Mirrors Qualitative Age-at-Incidence Patterns for Breast Cancer.  Cancer Epidemiol. Biomarkers Prev., 21: 1735-1744, 2012.

Sharma, D., Eichelberg, M. R., Haag, J. D., Meilahn, A. L., Muelbl, M. J., Schell, K., Smits, B. M. G., and Gould, M. N.  Effective Flow Cytometric Phenotyping of Cells Using Minimal Amounts of Antibody.  BioTechniques, 53:  57-60, 2012.

Smits, B. M. G., Traun, B. D., Devries, T. L., Tran, A., Samuelson, D., Haag, J. D., and Gould, M.  An Insulator Loop Resides between the Synthetically Interacting Elements of the Human/Rat Conserved Breast Cancer Susceptibility Locus MCS5A/Mcs5a.  Nucleic Acids Res., 40: 132-147, 2012.

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